KidzArt Enrichment camp/workshops offer a stimulating Art Alternative for children’s Holiday Activity.

When it comes to holidays, many parents want their children to try something new and different, have fun with their peers, BUT also to keep their brains stimulated. Camps/Workshops offer children the unique opportunity to delve into interests and activities that can help them grow and learn in new ways.

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If your children are feeling isolated and are left with little to do except watch television and play video games during the holiday break - don’t despair. Help your child/children avoid boredom by stimulating their brains.

Many camp programs focus on competitive sports and winning trophies, there is an alternative fun, educational option where every child wins—KidzArt Camps/Workshops. Camps/Workshops can be an opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and discover hidden talents.

Kidzart, an ART enrichment program for children of all ages, lets the child discover various artistic styles & techniques using variety of mediums such as water colors, canvas painting, charcoal, polymer clay, chalk pastels, markers, oil pastels etc.

Our activities include Communication, Imagination & Expression which keep the children’s brains in