AT KIDZART LEARNING HAPPENS IN MANY WAYS: The pressure for children to succeed academically is greater today than ever, and in the process the arts are being pushed aside. Parents are tuning in to unique ways to help their kids promote creativity at home.

Art will not only help your kids express their creative side, but it can actually help them succeed in the classroom.

Students of all ages will learn many Fine Art Skills and concepts throughout the course of their KidzArt Education. Ideally, students who start with KidzArt classes in preschool, will continue to build solid foundation in the fine Arts either by continuing KIDZART classes or by delving more deeply into specific mediums such as sculpture, painting or other areas of interest with their newfound confidence.

Art makes you smart: Studies show that students who make art do better at school than those who don’t do any kind of art at all.

Art gets you thinking: You might not know it, but whenever you create a picture, you ask yourself lots of questions such as “What if I put an elephant here?” And learning to ask yourself questions, and figure out answers, makes you better at problem solving.

Art lets you show the world what you’re feeling: Studies show that students who create art learn to express their ideas and feelings. Plus, they may find it easier to share their thoughts with their parents and teachers.

Art lets you experiment: When you create art, anything goes. There’s never a right or wrong way; it’s all part of the learning process. It’s risk-free fun.

With every picture, you tap into your imagination: Guess where all the great inventions in the world first start? In people’s imagination! That’s where all original ideas come from. And here’s great news. Your imagination is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Source: “Arts in Action”, volume 1, Regina Public Schools